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melina kenjami

 Sacred Space Creatress

I love to express myself in the arts of life ∙ in my being as mother ∙ in all visions that I can implement with my own hands ∙ in the perception and enjoyment of my body moving and my voice ∙ in the experience of nature, especially in contact with bees and plants ∙ when rearranging and designing rooms ∙ in meditation before sunrise.

After my camera studies for cinema documentary in Italy and the birth of my second daughter, I felt more than ever the need for grounding, inner connection and authenticity. After a few years of searching and healing, I regained access to my physical, mental and spiritual strength through conscious body movement, meditation, time and space for expressing my needs.

My experiences, the practices and the knowledge of different traditions which I have learned and learn on this way are so enriching for me that I share them with passionate dedication.

Different traditions of yoga, but above all life itself is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and impetus for learning processes in all areas of being.

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